Data Solutions Powering Personalization

DMS Data Solutions empower our clients to build better customer experiences through our suite of data-driven offerings, in a secure and privacy-conscious way.


Understand Your Audience Like Never Before

Your customers. Our data. The power to personalize consumer experiences at an unmatched level and scale.

Data Append

Leverage our data warehouse of consumer demographics and PII to cross-reference and enhance your own client data to launch behavioral-driven personalized campaigns.

Identity Resolution

Match identifiers across devices and omnichannel touchpoints to a single user profile, helping to build a cohesive view of each consumer and their unique online customer journey.

Last Activity API

Stay up-to-date with your audience, enabling data-driven decisions and targeted communication strategies by pinpointing consumers’ most recent recorded activity date.

Data Solutions

Activity Signals For Unparalleled Personalization

Discover a holistic view of customer actions across multiple channels, including web, email, web push notifications and calls to provide a deeper understanding of consumer preferences.

We Process

7.5 Billion+

Signals Monthly


Elevate Re-Engagement With Aimtell Push Notifications

Unlock the power of Aimtell, our proprietary web push notification technology. Designed to re-engage and retain website visitors, Aimtell encourages action with hyper-targeted, personalized notifications. Re-engage audiences effectively across mobile and desktop devices, reinforce brand messaging and encourage consumer actions.