Connecting High-Intent Prospective Students With Schools

Since 2002, DMS Education has excelled in higher education inquiry generation, pairing schools with high-intent students on a performance-based model. Renowned for navigating the evolving landscape, they ensure schools compliantly and consistently meet enrollment goals.

EDU Inquiry Generation

Here's What DMS Education Does In A Single Month


Over 1.7 million paid media referrals


Match over 40,000 students to schools


Manage more than 80 school partnerships


Generate over 2 million search impressions


Make over 200 million data-driven decisions


Run conversion tests on over 100,000 users

*Aggregated average based on 2023 data
EDU INquiry generation

Countless Higher Education Targeting Capabilities

DMS Education tailors outreach with a customizable approach, identifying your unique audience by demographics, interests or behaviors for maximum impact. Access our premium suite and extensive targeting options to enhance your marketing strategies.

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EDU INquiry generation

Robust Owned-And-Operated Education Websites

Our comprehensive higher education inquiry generation strategy revolves around an extensive portfolio of owned-and-operated, content-rich websites. These education-focused sites attract students actively seeking educational opportunities. Our advanced algorithms and targeting capabilities ensure that your institution's offerings are matched with high-intent prospective students that meet your exact specifications.

EDU INquiry generation

Beyond Higher Education Inquiry Generation

With DMS Education, our offerings extend far beyond standard higher education inquiry generation. From our exclusive branded clicks platform to our warm transfers, our team will work with you to find the solution that best meets your objectives.

Digital Inquiries

Our multi-step owned-and-operated prospective student flow qualifies users and captures express written consent.

Exclusive Branded Clicks Platform

Our exclusive linkout campaigns provide another channel for schools to effectively reach the right prospects, with the inquiry conversion occurring directly on school-branded websites.

Mobile Click-To-Call

Drive inbound calls and pay based on call duration. Reach prospective students when they are willing and ready to speak.

Call Verified & Warm Transfers

Our fully owned-and-operated call center verifies interest in education. Agents call prospective students who have specifically requested information on enrolling in school to qualify intent and post data or transfer calls directly to your admissions team.

Branded Email

With our performance-based, personalized one-to-one messages, DMS Education takes on the upfront media risk of generating higher education inquiries via email, with 100% client approval on all creative and subject lines.

EDU INquiry generation

Unwavering Commitment To Compliance

Because we understand the highly regulated environment of the higher education industry and the importance of how brands are represented, we’ve invested heavily in proprietary and third-party monitoring tools. We have prioritized & operationalized compliance across everything we do to offer brand-safe digital prospective student engagement opportunities. In-house legal and compliance teams support our industry-leading processes.

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EDU INquiry generation

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