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Our award-winning higher education lead management software, Sparkroom, offers streamlined inquiry management, campaign optimization, sophisticated data hygiene and robust multidimensional analytics designed to empower higher education marketers.

Widely recognized for its excellence and effectiveness, Sparkroom is the solution that top institutions trust to take control of their campaigns, make data-driven decisions and maximize their marketing ROI — all from one convenient platform.

Higher Education Lead Management Software

Here’s What Sparkroom Lead Management Software Does In A Single Month


Manage lead data for 75+ institutions


Analyze over 3,100 programs


Filter and route over 532,570 leads

Sparkroom automatically scrubbed over 100,000 invalid leads, saving institutions money, time and effort from attempting to contact invalid leads
Higher Education Lead Management Software

Lead Management Software That Optimizes Efficiency And Boosts ROI

Sparkroom's automated data hygiene tools ensure your lead data is clean, accurate and duplicate-free, while robust analytics and reporting capabilities offer insights into your campaigns.

Understand what's working and what's not, and make the necessary adjustments for optimal results.
Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources, allowing you to conduct comprehensive cross-campaign analytics reviews.
Gain a holistic view of your marketing landscape and make informed decisions.

Lead Management

Centralized + real-time media planning and vendor management

Lead hygiene
Data housing
Capture + delivery
Vendor + source management
Automated milestone tracking

Marketing Automation

Data integration + process-based automation to synchronize marketing efforts

Rule-based routing
Scheduling + sharing
Call tracking
Workflow management
Monitoring + notifications
Email and SMS triggering

Marketing Analytics

Multilayered, actionable intelligence to help optimize media spend

Executive lead dashboard
Lead-level detailed reporting
Paid search dashboard
Full-funnel data analytics
Automated reports
Integrations with paid search and social platforms

Custom Builds

Implementations designed to maximize ease of use, simplify campaign management + optimize performance

On-demand, ongoing support for maintenance + configurations
Higher Education Lead Management Software

Our Results In Action

Read our recent case study illustrating Sparkroom solutions at work.